Email Services

Stay Connected and Secure

Email Services That Protect and Empower You

Given that nearly 145 billion emails are sent every day, it’s clear that email has reached mission-critical status. But, it’s also one of your weakest links when it comes to keeping things secure.

Protect your communication hub by trusting your email support services to the experts at P2P Business Technologies. Our email support services are designed to optimize your ability to collaborate while keeping employees and company information safe.


What can P2P Business Technologies Email Solutions do for you?

Email is your lifeline. Let us keep it running smoothly and securely.

Gain Microsoft Outlook Support

Combined with our Office 365 Management support services, you get full Outlook Support. Our experts make sure you maximize productivity by fully leveraging all of its built-in advantages.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Partner with our backup and disaster recovery team to ensure your email systems are always backed up.

Improve Security

As part of your email support services, P2P protects your email systems from malware and phishing attacks. Communicate with confidence, knowing your critical business information is secure.

Maximize Uptime

You never know when you need to communicate. P2P’s email support services make sure your email systems are available day and night, including creating a business continuity plan that covers your email servers.

Keep the lines of communications open and
maximize collaboration.