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IT Services for Education

Offering the latest technology, plus keeping it running smoothly and securely, is essential to optimizing the learning experience and attracting top students and faculty. Curriculum plans, student records, policies and procedures demand always-on access and timely updates despite your ever-shrinking budget.

P2P Business Technologies creates secure, cost-effective managed IT environments to boost collaboration and innovation. We’ll make sure you students, teachers, parents and faculty always have secure access to what they need—day and night. Whether you need fast resolution to a hardware or software issue, you’re looking to deploy or migrate to new technology or you need a more flexible infrastructure, we can help.


What can P2P Business Technologies Education IT Support do for you?

Partner with us to optimize the learning experience—both in and out of the classroom.

Keeps Students Focused

Proactive service finds and resolves many issues before they have a chance to disrupt your lessons.

Build Confidence

Your teachers’ ability to use new technologies is vital. P2P provides educational IT support so they can make the most of your current and future solutions.

Get Smart, Seamless Support

Support calls are prioritized based on impact, so your biggest issues are dealt with first.  Plus, everyone can access our support team 24/7—even during school holidays.

Easily Adapt & Improve

Through our trusted partnership, your IT service seamlessly changes and evolves to fit your school’s ever-changing needs and priorities.

Protect People and Assets

We’ll arm you with a wealth of knowledge in safeguarding strategies, technologies and policies provided from years of experience keeping students and schools secure.

Drive Innovation

P2P makes sure you and your school stay current. We’ll share successes in other schools and show how these new technologies effectively elevate the classroom.

Launch learning to new levels, with lower costs, better security and less downtime.